Eddie Stephens is a Trained Collaborative Lawyer

Spent the past 16 hours learning about the Collaborative Law Process at the Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Training put on by the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals and it was a very positive experience.

I met some great new friends and reconnected with some I have not seen lately.

The training was conducted my Robert Merlin, Esquire, Rosemary Roth Esquire, Paul Garcia CPA/CFF CVA and Lana M. Stern, Ph.D.

While it is very hard to keep a person’s attention for 16 hours being in 1 room for 2 days, it was definitely worth it!

On my way back from Miami, I dictated some thoughts:

Click here for more information about the South Palm Beach County Collaborative Law Practice Group.

Florida Collaborative Trainers:


Robert Merlin, Esquire, Paul Garcia CPA/CFF CVA, Lana M. Stern, Ph.D. and Rosemary Roth Esquire



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