Will you help me conquer a fear & support Place of Hope!

Did you know I am afraid of heights?
Well I am.
Do you know how I plan to conquer that fear?
Rappel down the 9 story Comeau Building in downtown West Palm Beach on February 2!
To do it, I have to raise $500 for the Lord’s Place which is a charitable organization run by our dear friend Diana Stanley.  The donation will go directly to an incredible cause…. Ending homelessness in Palm Beach County.
Plus, if you ever wanted to see fear in my eyes, this is your chance.
Even a donation of $5 would be helpful.
I have already donated $100 because I would not raise money for something I did not support myself.
So if 40 people donate $5, I’m in.  Just like that!  Fear be gone!!!!  Or you can up your game a little to expedite this process if you are feeling generous.
If you have the means to donate a few dollars more, I guarantee your monies will go to a very good cause.

To donate, click here!

As always, thanks for the love and support!

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