Happy Thanksgiving from Ward Damon


PRE-ORDER Stephens’ Squibs 2020 Version for 50% off!

Every year, I publish my squib book and donate 100% of the proceeds to charity.  Each year, I have chosen a different charity to highlight and support.   This year, all proceeds will be donated to Families First of Palm Beach County.

To understand why I chose Families First, read my partner and Employment Law Ninja, read Bari Goldstein’s introduction here.  Or read my new article “INVINCIBLE” which will be included as well!

For the past few years, we have been sending out advanced autographed copies to people who make a tax deductible donation directly to the organization.  I pay for the books (at cost) and pay for shipping and this is a quick way to raise some funds that goes directly to the organization.  (As opposed to waiting for that quarterly royalty check).

This year, the SPECIAL AUTOGRAPHED VERSION will be available for a $60 donation to the charity.  If you order before Friday 11/29, midnight, we will send you an autographed copy for 50% off ($30 + $5 shipping).  The book will retail for $39, so this is the cheapest price you can get it.   If you are feeling generous, feel free to donate more, it is a great organization!

Why not, right?   Spend some money, you are doing it anyway and support a good cause and get a book in January.  It’s a win, win, win!


BEFORE 11/29/19 at MIDNIGHT – Donate $30 + $5 shipping to Families First here.

Send me the receipt of your donation.  (If you don’t send me receipt, I will not know you donated).  Let me know where you want it shipped and if you want it personalized or doodles or almost whatever!  🙂

Whether you pay $30 now or $60 in December, Autographed Squibs will not be shipped until the 2nd week of January 2020.

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving from Ward Damon

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  1. Mr. Stephens

    Please see the attached receipt for the donation to Families First. Mr. Marten would appreciate if you could send the 3 books. Mr. Marten always speaks so highly of you and your work and I as well on a regular basis have put your books to good use. Thank you.


    Amber Shepherd________________________________

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