3 thoughts on “Help me Honor my Uncle, John Christiansen

  1. Suzette Reno

    There is no doubt that John Christiansen IS the BEST attorney!
    I had the privilege of him representing and protecting my children and me. The entire staff, especially Janet has a way of making you feel you are the most important client. John truly cares, has integrity, virtue and honor. He will go the extra mile and do whatever needs to be done to ease your mind and ensure justice is done. He is one of the most intelligent men I know and has such a presence that envelops a room but remains humble!

  2. Rae Franks

    Hi Eddie, I voted and also I found an ancient article in Palm Beach Life Magazine 1993 with John Christiansen on the cover which I will send to you…

    • Suzette Reno

      Good morning, It was nice speaking to you yesterday. Thank you for your concern and help regarding my son. When I saw your post about voting for John it had ended but I did write up a nice piece about him and his office. I don’t know it you saw it. I think the article that person was referring to might be about Johm being one of the top 3 divorce attorneys in PBC. It also referred to John as “The Avenger.” Don’t you love it? That was back 20 years ago. Blessings, Suzette Reno

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