2016 Foreword (Patrick Johnson)

10506972_905177919353_4105622765543328283_oIn my life, my path has crossed with many amazing individuals.  From top entrepreneurs, a college freshman, to members of my local community; Eddie Stephens is one of the most amazing individuals I’ve met.

I met Eddie when he was Chairman of the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation, the charitable arm of my college fraternity.  Eddie continues to participate in Delta Sigma Pi by giving motivational lectures about his experiences to college students around the Country as he encourages those who attend to “follow their bliss”.

Eddie possesses a foundational life principle of dedicated service to his craft, his family and his community, enabling him to make a true difference in this world. Wherever his focus goes wonderful things follow.

Like a light shone into the shadows, Eddie’s soul illuminates and brightens the world around him. Whether it is writing this book to aid his fellow lawyers, serving his fraternity Delta Sigma Pi, or currently his work with the Redemption Song Rescue League, Eddie creates positive change in any way that he can.

All proceeds for this book will go to help the Redemption Song Rescue League execute their mission to transform the community through rescuing both people and dogs.  This is a project that combines substance recovery and animal rescue and produces synergistic results advancing both causes and gives Eddie the chance to do what he does best, something that matters.

It is one of my biggest honors to call Eddie Stephens my friend and to see day in and day out the incorporation of his foundational life principal of dedicated service.

-Patrick Johnson

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