2019 Foreword (Cory C. Strolla, Esq.) and Introduction (AJ Brockman)



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Foreword by Cory C. Strolla, Esquire

Where shall I begin?

I have known Eddie Stephens for well over 20 years, since my first year of law school at Stetson University, College of Law, in fact. (Yes, the very law school which is still the top rated law school for trial skills and litigation in the Country). The circumstances in which we first met, one would never believe we would remain connected over the course of the following two decades. I can still recall the evening quite vividly, as young wide-eyed inexperienced law students in the midst of mock trial competition, which of course was both heated and contentious. Eddie actually remembered the day slightly different than I, until I showed him our mock trial championship plaque from that year (photo courtesy of S. Andrew Foster, my trial partner), but I digress. I remember how efficient his legal arguments were and how steadfast he was in his legal positions. Again, that was when Eddie was only a second year law student. His transformation from that law student into the attorney that he has become today is beyond any words I could ever coherently string together, I don’t think I could even begin to do it justice.

Over the past two decades I have had the pleasure to watch Eddie raise two wonderfully intelligent and kind young men, get married to his amazing, supportive and sweet soulmate, and contribute to our community as much as anyone I have personally known. It is a cliche to say that someone has inspired me to be a better human being, but I’ve never really cared what anyone else’s thinks of me, so I will say it. He has. However, he doesn’t demand anyone of their time or money, but has a way of setting such an example that you just can’t help but want to make the world around you a better place. As much as I dislike most humans (and family lawyers even more than that), Eddie is the kind of person who will see the light through the dark and will subtly show you his vision. I can never thank Eddie enough for allowing me just to be a small part of his ride and will be forever grateful for the experiences. Selecting me for the  LPBC Grow program as Co-Chair (along with Bill Foman – shout out brother!) has been absolutely one of the greatest honors of my career. I am still a little unsure how enthusiastic LPBC is about Eddie sponsoring me into the LPBC Engage program, but again, I digress.

This year, Eddie is once again raising money with this publication, proceeds will be donated to the Kelsey Cares non-profit organization. This is a charity both near and dear to our hearts, as it has been a part of the LPBC Grow Arts & Media program. Kelsey Cares has a mission of building a community fostering the arts, led by the inspirational AJ Brockman, executive director. If you have not had a chance to meet and be inspired by AJ, I implore you to visit the Brewhouse Gallery or the Kelsey Theater in the Lake Park Arts District. It will surely not disappoint.

I will conclude by simply reiterating what an amazing individual Eddie Stephens is and has become, both personally and professionally, and how a chance meeting during a law school trial competition has literally affected my life’s journey and trajectory. I strongly believe there are no coincidences in this life and everything happens for the right reason, regardless of the situation. I can emphatically state that this friendship with Eddie budding over the past 20 years has unquestionably been for the betterment of my life, both personally and professionally (although he may not entirely concur in the counter, but once again, I digress). I could not be any more honored to call him a friend, a colleague, and a fellow animal lover. Keep making this world a better place, my friend. I will try and keep up!

Cory C. Strolla, Esq.



Introduction by AJ Brockman, Executive Director of Kelsey Cares

I have had the absolute pleasure of getting to know Eddie Stephens several years ago through Leadership Palm Beach County’s GROW Youth leadership program, a collection of high achieving 11th graders in Palm Beach County.  Back then he was just a chaperone, but I could tell his heart was in this program from the very beginning. Eventually, Eddie took over as program director and continued to curate the best experience possible for those kids. Through that, we continued a professional and personal relationship to expand on other projects exemplifying community leadership.

Our professional relationship continued and we recently hosted a fundraising event for Kelsey Cares entitled: “Living An Extraordinary Life: Lessons from our Heroes”. Eddie, inspired by the teachings of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and Maynard James Keenan,  explained concepts such as “Sacred Geometry” and  “The Heroes Journey”.  He demonstrated how these principles can be employed to expand your individual comfort zone in order to help you break out of the ordinary and achieve extraordinary results.

100% of the proceeds from the event were donated to the nonprofit, Kelsey Cares, that aligns perfectly with Eddie’s passion and commitment. This 501(c)(3) is committed to Funding art, theater, music, film, and cultural development through community outreach by providing subsidies for productions, events, artists and musicians to carry out their mission. He was able to single-handedly raise over $5000 (and counting) from this event alone and continues to implement fundraising projects, making him one of the largest contributors to date.

“Do something that matters” is Eddie’s mantra and something he literally brings to life every day. Eddie involves himself in projects he deems worth doing whether it is philanthropy, family law, Star Wars Fan Clubs or community outreach. In the world that we live in today it is very difficult to find people of action that turn ideas into reality and Eddie has mastered that. I am lucky to have him on my side, and even more honored to have him as a friend.

Eddie Stephens is a clear example of what it means to have “leadership excellence” and he demonstrates that every day. He deserves every bit of recognition for all his work in building community, education, and civic accomplishments. There is no telling what he has up his sleeve next, but I can assure you, you will want to know about it and rally behind him to make it happen.

AJ Brockman, Digital Artist and Entrepreneur 



More on AJ Brockman, the Kelsey Theater, the Brewhouse Gallery and Kelsey Cares:



“Eddie’s squibs are a great resource, and every marital and family lawyer in Florida should keep a copy front and center on her desk.” Laura Davis Smith, Esquire Past-Chairwoman, Family Law Section of the Florida Bar

“I remember receiving Stephens’ Squibs over 10 years ago.  Now, it is most definitely not the small firecracker it once was.…  Simply the best …I refer to it all the time.” Robert M.W. Shalhoub, Esquire

“Eddie Stephens’ Squibs are a quick, easy to read summary of appellate case law that family law practitioners should be sure to include in their resource tool kit.   It is a major “go to” resource that I rely upon when I am looking to check on the latest developments in the law and to point me in the direction of the appropriate full appellate opinions.”  Honorable Diane M. Kirigin, General Magistrate, 15th Judicial Circuit

“Squibs has a little bit for everyone, and not just for those actively involved in family law. Read it and you’ll get a glimpse of Stephens: his indefatigable pursuit of mastery of family law, his fearless endeavor to understand how his mind works, and his passion to positively influence others in the world. Really good stuff.”  Dr. Michael O’Hara, Forensic Psychologist

Eddie’s book – and all his squibs – are amazing – as an appellate attorney I always have to remind myself to keep the case to its holding and Eddie always keeps me “honest” – and his case summaries bring to mind my favorite Albert Einstein quote: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”   That was one smart dude and so is Eddie – buy his book – I know I will (again)!” Allison Perry, Esquire

Eddie Stephens provides an invaluable resource for those wanting to keep abreast of the ever-evolving area of Florida Family Law. As both a lawyer and academic, I also highly recommend this book to professors teaching Family Law in Florida. The textbooks can give the basics, but since family law is a creature of state law, giving students a real glimpse (not to mention a good preparation for the bar) into how our ever-changing statutes are being interpreted, is a gift.  K. Grossman, Esquire

Mr. Stephens provides a brilliant conglomeration of case law updates, interviews with judges and personal advice in Stephens Squibs. The case law review helps the attorney that practices in other areas to understand more easily the law surrounding family issues in Florida. For most attorneys, no matter their practice area, family comes up at some point in the representation and it is nice to have a guide that is so easily accessible to reference just so that we, as attorneys in other fields, can quickly answer some questions and have the knowledge to refer in other areas.  Dena Sisk Foman

Excellent resource for the non-attorney litigation support specialist. A quick reference for financial, accountants, CPAs and mental health professionals that assist divorce attorneys with litigation and settlement services. Highly recommended. FLDivorcePlanner

Attorney Stephens has provided to the literary marketplace and fine example of a squib…”a short humorous or satiric writing or speech.” This purchase is not only entertaining; it is informative to the reader. I would most definitely consider this purchase. I know that I am glad that I did. Thank you Counselor!  J. Barrett Carter

I found Stephens’ Squibs to be a short, thorough and concise analysis of Family Law caselaw in Florida. Excellent resource for attorneys and non-attorneys alike!  Luis E. Insignares

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