Eddie Stephens presents “exceptional” Law Merit Badge Clinic for Boy Scouts

On September 21, 2013, the law firm of Ward, Damon, Posner, Pheterson and Bleau presented a “Law Merit Badge Clinic” for Boy Scout Troop 155.
Assistant Scout Master Susan Williams commented; “What an awesome job you your team did.  I must say I was a little surprised how much information you were able to get in.  I was also impressed with some of the responses and questions asked, I truly believe it was all in the tone that you and your team set.   Still in awe.”
Here is a quick recap.  Scouts heard from:
Circuit Judge Jeffrey Gillen who discussed the evolution of law, the Magna Carta and the Justinian Code and the difference between civil and criminal law.
Circuit Judge John Phillips who discussed two important cases in Palm Beach history.
Attorney Michael Posner discussed land conveyances and the history of title insurance relating back to the great Chicago fire.
Attorney Jeffrey Pheterson discussed the prevalence of the law industry in everything we do focusing on the Deep Horizon as an example.
Attorney Martin Kofsky discussed laws created to protect the consumer and the seller.
Attorney Dane Leitner discussed what it takes to become a lawyer and a judge.
Attorneys Denise Bleau and Eddie Stephens along with Judge Gillen and Judge Phillips conducted a mock trial clinic where the Scouts learned the different parts of a trial, how to conduct a direct examination, cross examination, evidentiary objections and all of the elements of a successful opening statement.
Parlegals Clelia Patrizio and Kevin Jean discussed the role of paralegal and other professionals that assist in the legal industry.
Detective John Wiske discussed the role of law enforcement in the legal system.
Attorney Conrad Damon provided a tour of the law offices which included Mr. Posner’s largest collection of instant cameras IN THE WORLD!  This was a highlight!
This event was sponsored by Ward, Damon, Posner, Pheterson and Bleau (www.warddamon.com) which provided the food and facilities and most of the talent.

To complete the merit badge the Scouts must craft a 5 minute opening statement that:

1) Tells a story using the facts of the case.
2)  Applies the law to the facts.
3) Discusses the burden of proof.
4) Hits on any adverse aspects of their case.

The Scouts have the fact pattern and have learned all the tools to do this.

Chair of the program Denise Bleau commented; that all participants demonstrated their “…professionalism, dedication and your willingness to give your time to help others grow.”

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  1. That’s awesome Eddie. Your sons and the other troop members are very lucky to have you working with them and your firm’s efforts far exceeded supporting you or them, it really shows a commitment to the youth in our community. Congratulations to all of you and them on an obvious job well done!

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