Sponsorship Opportunities for Scout Competitive Cooking Team


How do you get a bunch of teenage boys excited about cooking?  You make it a competition.

That is what we did in our Boy Scout Troop and now we have 2 teams that have put in over 120 collective hours in training and will compete in their first competition, the North Palm Beach Chili Cookoff on January 25, 2015 from noon to 3:30pm at Anchorage Park,

Come out and cast your vote.  For $5 you get to sample (and vote) on all the chili.

We are also seeking corporate sponsors.  We need $300 per team for entry fee, ingredients (for 15 gallons of chili), a banner (with our logo).  We will also make promotional materials available as well if you like.  We will also send you a nice plaque of your team cooking in front of banner with your logo.

Your logo will also be on all of all promotional materials (like the one above).  I have 50 parents ready to spread this graphic all over social media.

You can even choose to sponsor the jalapeno hot chili, or healthy turkey chili.  The boys have yet to come up with names, but knowing this crew, they will probably be very fun.

If you want to take a look at our training, visit our website www.cookingteam.org.

So if you are interested, let me know by email.  To be fair we will keep things on a first come first serve basis.

Thank you for your consideration.

Eddie Stephens

Assistant Scout Master, Troop 155

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