FAMILY LAW SOFTWARE has been a great tool for me in my profession. 


By Angela Cahill, Family Law Paralegal at Ward Damon

angelaI’ve been a paralegal in the family law field since 1994.   I have prepared hundreds of child support calculations and financial affidavits.  Back in the day, I calculated everything manually for years and used those awful bar forms [in rich text format!].  The financial affidavits were so limited in the way of presentation tools, everything was manually calculated, and it was all so very time-consuming!  I’ve also used the “other” calculating software as well, and find Family Law Software to be a much more superior, user-friendly and time-efficient tool.

Unlike the “other” software, when using the Family Law Software tool, your individual client’s variables are entered and stored in one data-entry file, wherein common fields on the financial affidavits and child support calculations are only entered once.  This is a great time-saver!  I also love that I have the ability to play with the numbers, simply going in and changing/updating one variable, one can easily, quickly and accurately produce an updated worksheet or affidavit in moments. I like the ability to try different variables so that I can find the best possible scenario for my client (supported by the data, of course!). When you generate a worksheet, a handy summary of the variables used is included so that one can easily see the data used for each worksheet you produce.

I found the “other” software cumbersome because one had to use different/separate software applications (and pay extra for it):  one for preparing the financial affidavit and one for running child support scenarios, and the two could not be merged, so you would have to enter all the details twice, which was a waste of time.

I highly recommend Family Law Software to any professional in the family law field.  It has made my life so much easier!

Click here if you are interested in checking out a free trial of this software.

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