What happens when a 70 pound dog takes you out at the knees? [UPDATED 10/16/15]


You break two bones in your arm,  Specifically a complete fracture of the radius, along with a broken scaphoid, one of the carpal bones in your wrist.

But how did it happen?  I have been asked this question dozens of times in the past few days.  To be honest, when people ask, I don’t want to give a response.

Broken bones result from horrible accidents or stupidity.

There was no horrible accident.

Not once has my “I don’t really want to talk about” response satisfied the query and the curious press on.  My next response is “I don’t remember”.  This is actually a response I could give under oath.

But they persist….so I make something up.

Today I have been telling people I was caught in a stampede of elephants.  Truth be told, no elephants were involved whatsoever.

For all of you who must know exactly what happened, and are not satiated by my “no recall” comment, the following explanation comes from the only human witness, my wife Jacquie, who describes the event as follows:

Jezebel can work doorknobs and opened the back door, running loose in our neighborhood. She had a vet appointment so we were trying to get her quickly. She & Eddie faced off in the street and he lunged, trying to grab her; she took 3 steps back and hit him full force with her forehead below the knees. He did a half somersault and landed on his right arm.


So our 70 ridge-back/lab rescue got out.  Last thing I remember is chasing her down the street and then looking at my damaged arm uttering “I think I’m in shock”.

So there it is, the whole story.


if I have recently responded to your query “go read my blog” and was a little grouchy, now you know why, thanks for visiting.

And i typed this whole entry with 2 fingers.

If per chance you feel inspired/entertained by this post, feel free to send some love to the folks at Big Dog Ranch Rescue, the place from where Jezebel came.

Or if you just want to see the gross pictures of Eddie’s arm, click here.

Stephens Family
Stephens Family

UPDATED : September 23, 2015

Per orthopedic surgeon.  Elbow fracture healing nicely.  Wrist a little more concerning.  MRI scheduled for 9/25/2015 to determine if surgery/pins needed to repair wrist.


MRI of displaced bones in wrist.  Also have significant ligament damage.

es wrist 2


4 weeks and 6 days post incident.  Wrist still immobilized, radius still in sling (most of time).

In lieu of surgery, ortho opted for “bone stimulation” treatment.  Technology was originally designed to help athletes heal faster. 86% chance of total recovery. Since noone who has asked about it has heard about it, this 3 minute video explains all. If anyone has had this treatment I would appreciate your comments.

bone stim

8 thoughts on “What happens when a 70 pound dog takes you out at the knees? [UPDATED 10/16/15]

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  1. I have three of those big buggers and nothing is more fun than to use me as a “barrell” in their barrell racing game. They usually hit me BEHIND the knees. Boy can you drop fast when your knees are bent for you at a high rate of speed. No broken bones (yet). Solution (don’t laugh), I walk around with knees bent (like a 100 year old man) when they play the barrell game. It’s easier to keep my balance. All are adopted and all are loved up to their eyeballs.
    Debbie Smith

  2. Exogen sounds like a solid treatment for the right candidates. I wonder if the ultrasound waves acts like having added nerves in the break area to stimulate the immune system for repair? I think you guys should try signing next time it’s time to get Jezebel ready for the vet visit. She may understand English and bamboozled, lol. May the exogen force be with you.

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