Palm Beach 2019 Judicial Rotations Announced

The Chief Judge has finalized the January 2019 mini-rotation, which will take place over the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend–assignment changes are effective January 22, 2019.

The five elected judges will start on January 8, 2019; the start date for the recent appointment, Ms. Paige Gillman, is TBD (sometime in December).

The new assignments as of January 22, 2019, are as follows:

 Judge Eissey, Division M, Courtroom 9G
Judge Garrison, Division RL, Courtroom 6K
Judge Goodman, Division AD, Courtroom 9B
Judge J Keyser, Division AB, Courtroom 11D
Judge Shepherd, TD, Courtroom 6A

New Circuit Judges 

Judge Cheesman, Division FA/IB, Courtroom 6D
Judge Kerner, Division AJ, Courtroom 9A
Judge Willis, Division FD/ID, Courtroom 6C

New County Judges

Judge Alijewicz, Division P, Courtroom 4D
Judge Gillman, Division RJ, Courtroom 6B
Judge Zuckerman, Division RE, Courtroom 6M

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