EddieProTip: Act NOW: WebCams are selling out!

webcams-lowres-2x1-0539 (1)

Last night I went searching for webcams so I could ensure I was ready for our next phase of virtual law.

I found there were some in the price range of > $1,000, and a bunch between $25 – $150.  Then I noticed the lack of availability on my normal consumer electronic outlets; Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Office Depot, Office Max, etc.

None were available.

Then I hoped on specialty sites like BH Photo.  I saw some available, but they were gone before I could get them in my Court.

Finally I found a few on Adorama.com and bought 4 $70 cameras for my firm.

I went back to Adorama last night and all WebCams are now back ordered.

out of stock

I have a concern that these will be very hard to come by, probably harder then toilet paper.

If you want to have a decent quality connection I would run to the electronic stores right now and see if there are any left on the shelves.  Otherwise you might miss an opportunity to have seamless operations.

Just a suggestion for a 22 year litigation veteran who is also a computer geek.  🙂

Also, get a headset with microphone.  Airpods and Bluetooth are great, but their battery lives in use are not.  I would have a hard wired backup ready if needed.

I have a feeling I will be seeing many more of you on my computer screen then in real life in the coming weeks / months.

Good luck to us all!

With gratitude,

Eddie Stephens

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