What is a “Puscifer“?

Review of Puscifer’s 6-24-2022 performance in Philadelphia by Eddie Stephens

If you don’t know what a “Puscifer” is… at this point you will just have to google it.

We had great tickets at the Met Opera house, a 5,000 person venue.

As luck would have it, my wife and I did not know you could not bring backpacks into the venue. So we quickly had to Uber back to the hotel to adjust our belongings and make the trek back to the venue. Fortunately we got back just before they opened for the masses. This allowed me the opportunity to pick up a signed poster which looks awesome. I could have gotten foil but for this adventure.

The opening band was okay, not the normal torture that Maynard sometimes likes to inflict on us. The lead singer was interesting. And it was certainly better than the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but not necessarily remarkable.

The show went off exactly on time. Started at 7:57 PM. Opening band was off at 8:27 PM. Puscifer started promptly at 8:57 PM and was off by 10:50 PM.

The sound was amazing. Visuals were pretty. Maynard spent most of the concert in his agent Merkin persona and finished the last act as Billy D. The video interludes were amusing. Carina is amazing.

It was an extremely heavy existential remedy Setlist. But for Bonnaroo (which got indigo children) it’s the exact set list state played every night this tour.

They pretty much played every song from the new album. If you don’t like the new album, likely this is not the Puscifer show for you. They did play nice Versions of remedy, Conditions of My Parole , Man Overboard and Flippant. We got an interesting version of Vagina Mine, and the Judith del nagal version of Humbling River. I am not a fan of this remix live. The original song is just so beautiful and the remix has such heavy distortion, it does not run through all the lyrics.

The set was minimalistic with a scaffolding similar to the Asconti pay-per-view.

Maynard and Carina had playful energy all night. Maynard was very talkative and comedic.

We could’ve done without the roaming aliens but I guess that was the schtick of this concert, similar to the professional wrestlers in the money shot tour.

I got the 7 inch vinyl for “bullet train” and “underwhelming remixes” and a signed poster. I have only seen these items at the merch table, never online or anywhere else.

If you are a fan of the new album this is a must see. If you are a casual fan of Puscifer there are seats cheap enough to enjoy the experience without coming significantly out of pocket. Unless, of course, you have your eye on the kimono which was another 95 bucks or the women’s Pajama sets which cost $75. And always remember to check what you can bring into the venue!


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