More legislative changes to Florida Family Law effective July 1, 2011

Click here to read previous article on major changes to alimony and child support effective October 2010 and January 2011.

Florida’s legislation passed more legislative changes that modify chapters 61 and 88 Florida Statutes effective July 1, 2011.

1) Florida HB 1111 (2011). Click here to read full text.

Adds definitions to section 88.1011 for convention, foreign country, foreign support order, foreign tribunal, outside this state, person, and record.
Modifies jurisdictional provisions in section 88.2051.

Makes many other updates / changes to Chapter 88 (see text of bill for all changes).

Changes section 88.2061 from enforcement and modification of support order to just enforcement.

Changes 88.2071 from “recognition” to “determination” of controlling support order to determination.

Creates 88.6161 register or modify foreign child support order.

Re-designates part VII of chapter 88 to ”Support Proceeding under Convention”.

Creates 88.7031 which creates relationship between Department of Revenue was recognized agency of United States Central Authority and authorized DOR to initiate certain proceedings.

Creates section 88.7051 which allows petitioner right to direct request establishment or modification of support order, direct request recognition and enforcement of convention support order or support agreement.

Creates 88.7061: registration of convention and support orders.

Creates 88.7071: contest registered convention support order.

Creates 88.7091: recognition and enforcement of convention support order.

Creates 88.7101: foreign support agreement.

Creates 88.7111: modification of convention child support order.

Creates 88.7121: personal information; limit on use.

Creates 88.7131: record in original language, English translation.

Changes cross references in section 61.13, 61.08 to new and modified chapter 88 references.

2) Florida HB 621 (2011) . Click here to read full text.

Amends section 61.13002 to specify a parent’s activation, deployment, or temporary assignment to military service and the resultant temporary disruption to the child may not be the sole factor in a court’s decision to grant a petition for modification of permanent time-sharing and parental responsibility.

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  1. Good Morning Mr. Stephens,

    I’m in Tallahassee but came across your website this morning after seemingly being unable to find an attorney here that believes I have any chance and modifying the MSA governing the amount of time I am able to spend with my son or as the amount of money I am mandated to pay to my ex-wife in child support each month.

    I am hoping that you may be able to either recommend, or possibly do some distance consulting with me regarding these issues.

    I’ve been to court a few times regarding this issue (attempting to represent myself against her attorney) to no avail. Most recently I paid an attorney $300 for a one hour consult. I was essentially told that I can pay him approximately $6-10 thousand dollars and we can go to court but that I should save my money because he doesn’t believe we have any chance at me receiving additional time with my child or a modification to the child support order.

    I’m hopeful that you may assist.

    Looking forward to your reply.

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