Riddle me this: Is there a glitch in the Florida Child Support Guidelines?

So I was talking to mediator-extraordinaire LANE MATTHEWS who asked me what I thought about the glitch in the child support guidelines.

“Glitch, what glitch?”

“Really”; Lane insisted, “I have heard there was a problem and I see It messes up the number when you have less than 30% visitation”.


“Want me to prove it to you?”, she said with that Lane Matthews I know something you don’t Eddie grin on.

“OK, prove it”

Within seconds she had her laptop out inputting variables.  All of the sudden, I heard her briefcase come to life and start printing different child support scenarios.

“Look right here”, she said, grinning wider than ever!

And you know what?  She was right.

She proved to me that a recipient who had the children 80% of overnights received more child support then the same person who had 100% overnights.

I ran the same numbers on different software and confirmed the result.

Have you run into this issue?  Is it a glitch or are we overlooking something?  I would appreciate your thoughts.


6 thoughts on “Riddle me this: Is there a glitch in the Florida Child Support Guidelines?

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  1. I would love to hear more about this. Do you have an update on the glitch?
    My ex husband does not see the children at all. Its been about 3 years. When I do the calculations, I get less support having my children 365 days a year, than I would if he had them for 20% of the time.

    Is this what you’re referring to? Thanks.

  2. How would I go about asking the court for this in a petition though? Would I use the gross up method area of the Guidelines worksheet and simply put myself at 365 days and the Deadbeat with 0? I’ve fussed with this a few times and the amount is significantly higher. The only reason I haven’t asked for this is because the form specifically says that you can only use the gross up method if each parent exercises 20%. What do you suggest? I actually just petitioned for a modification, it’s pending a hearing. Perhaps I should amend the petition and ask to use the gross up method. Just don’t know how to ask the court in so many words when asking for permission to use the gross up method.

  3. Hi Eddie, Haven’t seen you on here in a while, was hoping to see what you thought about my questions above. I check back periodically to see if you had a moment to reply.


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