Gator Hunting

So, I made several bets this week on the Miami/Florida game.  Not monetary bets, those don’t interest me.  This was for pride. Loser has to wear the other’s team gear.

The most interesting of those bets was with my friend Bill Inman.  What made this interesting was the loser had to wear the gear at a public event, Sons of BBQ event with Randy Grimes (Former Tampa Bay Buc) at the  First Presbyterian Church in North Palm Beach.  What made this even more interesting?   Bill was the MC.


Now if Bill did not attempt to be cute and “stage” a BBQ sauce accident deflowering my teams shirt, this would have not turned into a blog entry.  But look at what he did:


So I felt compelled to infuse the internet search engines so if you happened to search “Bill Inman” or “Sons of BBQ”, these pictures will be engraved in the front page of the results?  Did it work?  Google “Bill Inman” or “Sons of BBQ” and see what happens.

Moral:  If you make a bet and lose, take it like a man and don’t be cute.  Or, just lay off the sauce!   #KARMA

p.s.   Go CANES!

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