Ward Damon Presents 2nd Annual Scout Law Clinic

Ward Damon Scout Law Clinic

Ward Damon is thrilled to have hosted local judges, attorneys and law enforcement officials for a unique leadership and development event for the Girl and Boy Scouts. Some of our finest legal minds came together to teach Scouts about their profession, participate in interactive learning activities, and even conduct a mock trial. The firm hosted 12 emerging young leaders that were hand-selected to participate in the fun-filled day and the event will help the Scouts fulfill the requirements to earn their merit badge for law.

A big thank you to everyone that participated:

The Honorable Meenu Sasser, 15th Judicial Circuit of Florida
The Honorable John L. Philips, 15th Judicial Circuit of Florida
The Honorable Samantha Schosberg Feuer, 15th Judicial Circuit of Florida
I. Jeffrey Pheterson, Ward Damon Partner
Denise Bleau, Ward Damon Partner
Eddie Stephens, Ward Damon Partner
Adam Seligman, Ward Damon Partner
Dane Leitner, Ward Damon Attorney
Clelia Patrizio, Ward Damon Paralegal
Sherri Collins, Assistant State Attorney

The event was created and organized by Denise Bleau and Eddie Stephens.


Judge Phillips discussed the importance of law and the difference between criminal and civil issues and quizzed the Scouts whether headlines from the newspapers presented a civil law or criminal law issue.


Denise Bleau discussed the importance of Patent Law and Florida’s Constitutional right of privacy.


Prosecuting attorney for the John Goodman case Sherri Collins, discussed the Goodman case along with the Casey Anthony case.


Adam Seligman discussed the importance of title insurance.


Detective John Wikse discussed the role of law enforcement.


Paralegal Clelia Patrizio discussed alternative jobs available involving the law.


Judge Sasser discussed the importance of the jury system.


Judge Feuer discussed the requirements and process of becoming a judge or an attorney.


Dane Leitner discussed the importance of consumer laws and how to obtain a lawyer if you cannot afford one.


The day was concluded by the Scouts participating in a mock trial with Sherri Collins assisting the prosecuting team, Denise Bleau and Dane Leitner coaching the defense team and Eddie Stephens presiding as Judge.  The Scouts did a great job as attorneys, witnesses and jurors.  The final verdict = NOT GUILTY.

Ward Damon thanks all that assisted and participated and looks forward to repeating the project shortly.


3 thoughts on “Ward Damon Presents 2nd Annual Scout Law Clinic

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  1. Girl scout troop 10639 was completely blown away by this event. The amount of time and planning that went into this day followed by caring participants was absolutely recognized. What a wonderful blessing to be part of this annual event. My daughter, who wants to get into law enforcement, was shocked by how much she learned and honored to take part. One word sums up her day “AMAZING” THANKS TO ALL INVOLVED!

  2. Just saw this post, and wanted to say “Thanks” for inviting me to participate. This year’s event was even better than the first…Keep it up, Team! Thanks again to all the Scouts and adults and everyone at Ward Damon who made it happen.

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