Business Scholarship named after local attorney

We endowed the South Florida Leadership Fund to help pay for collegiate members, from Zeta Phi, Xi Omega, Beta Omega, Delta Iota and Theta Sigma attend Grand Chapter Congress and Provincial Conferences.

Currently it pays out hundreds of dollars each year to defray registration and travel expenses.

However, the purpose of the fund is to cover the cost of the training for as many Brothers as possible.  To meet that goal…. we need to raise some more dollars.

I have been trained to be a business leader by Delta Sigma Pi.  The experience I had in college and beyond had a huge impact on my success in life.

I believe in this so strongly, I endowed this fund for that purpose.

If you would like to help us grow this fund to be able to have a positive impact on more collegiates, click here to make a ta deductible donation!  Please designate donation for special purpose and in comments mention it should be applied to Eddie Stephens South Florida fund.



Travel Scholarships will be awarded annually to collegiate chapters located within 125 miles of the borders to Palm Beach County. (As of 3/22/13 those chapters include: Zeta Phi, Xi Omega, Beta Omega, Delta Iota and Theta Sigma) The following requirements must be met by the chapters:  Be in good standing  Have at least two (2) collegiate members register and attend the Southern LEAD Provincial Conference in odd fiscal years or have at least one (1) collegiate member attend Grand Chapter Congress in even fiscal years. There is no application necessary. The Leadership Foundation will calculate attendance at events in the prior fiscal year and payments will be awarded to chapters each fall (beginning in fall 2012 based on 5% of the fund’s fair market value as of June 30, 2012). The available monies will be divided equally among the eligible chapters. No payout will occur in years when the fund’s value reduces principal. For more information, contact or 513-523-1907.


July 1, 2012

West Palm Beach, FL —A recently endowed business scholarship has been named for local attorney Eddie Stephens. The “Eddie Stephens South Florida Leadership Fund,” which was funded with more than $20,000,  will provide annual grants for students at the University of Miami, Florida Atlantic University and Florida International College who are members of the professional fraternity Delta Sigma PI.  The grants will allow the students to attend national leadership conferences and professional development programming.

“The fund was named after Eddie because he was the driving force in raising $20,000 to endow the scholarship,” said Mitch Simmons, Past Grand President of Delta Sigma Pi. 

“Eddie Stephens really led the charge to create this prestigious fund”, said Gregory Koch, CEO and President of the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation.  “This fund assists students in their education and preparation to become future leaders, and helps build great students of commerce.”

Stephens said he was motivated to raise funds for the endowment because there is a real need to teach business ethics to our future business leaders. “That’s not something you learn in a text book or in class.  I had the fortune of these experiences when I was in college.  I was lucky, I could afford it.  A lot of these kids today, can’t.”

It’s an investment in their integrity and the future of our country, Stephens said.  “I have also raised $20,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  There are a spectrum of charities that need help.”

Eddie Stephens is a third generation Floridian and a Board Certified Marital & Family Attorney who has been practicing law in West Palm Beach for 15 years.

The Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation provides financial support for Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity’s educational and charitable programs, which assist members to achieve individual and professional excellence within the business community.

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