2019 Family Law Case Law Summaries

Click Here to download my 2019 summaries of EVERY family law case published in Florida.



2019 Squib Cover

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  1. Good day, young man, I hope you don’t mind, but I was discussing your book today with Judge Peter Holden (Broward County, Family Division) Although he really, really wants a copy, I told him that he could not have mine, but that I would let you know that he wants one. So, I have now fulfilled my promise to him. Please contact him so he can get his hands on a copy. Would it be an ethical problem for me to cover any costs? I’ll let you figure that out, but I can do that. Please let me know you got this….hate to piss off one of my Judges. Thanks, Steve

  2. Eddie: I haven’t see or talked to you since you left John but have kept up with your case law reviews all these years.  I hunted all over for a case for a recent trial and couldn’t find it.  I went through your reviews and there it was. I have been a family law paralegal in Palm Beach County for over 20 years and just wanted to thank you very much for helping me with my work so many times.  I thought it was high time that I gave you the praise and respect I have for you.  It is very rare for me to truly respect a family law attorney to be honest and you are one of the chosen few.  Your generosity to our field, your professionalism, high ethics and charitable works in the community are unmatched in this county is my opinion. Daniela BoothSenior Litigation Paralegal

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