Eddie’s Podcast Episode 8: AJ Brockman, Digital Artist

Episode 8: AJ Brockman, Digital Artist

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Eddie’s Podcast – Episode 8 with Special Guest:

AJ Brockman

Founder/President: Brewhouse Gallery

The Kelsey Theater: https://www.thekelseytheater.com/

Kelsey City Brewery: https://www.kelseycitybrewing.com/

AJ Brockman is a local digital artist. Wheelchair-bound since age 2, Brockman has SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), a progressive neuromuscular disease. He views himself as being “differently abled” rather than “disabled” and lives life to the fullest every day. He began painting a child developed his own impressionistic style and started to see the world differently from that point on, using surroundings as inspiration and appreciating the little things in life. Following his passion for art become challenging when he lost the strength of his hands and the ability to create. He transitioned into pursuing a career in television production or radio broadcasting, as his voice was unaffected. However, while at Palm Beach Gardens High School, he discovered an elective course called “Commercial Art Technology.” With the aid of computer software that replicates traditional painting, typesetting, layout and with the use of two fingers on his left hand, he is able to manipulate a mouse and have no limitations due to his disability. Brockman graduated with a BFA from Digital Media Arts College. He was awarded the Distinguished Artist Award after graduating at the top of his class. Brockman has won multiple Addy Awards. His technique is a hybrid of Impressionism and Realism. All his works are unique composition, although photography is referenced for correct proportions. It is an extremely time-consuming process that requires hours of research on the subject matter before the canvas is opened. He is the principle at Single Handed Studio where his artwork takes on a wide range of subject matter. As a South Florida native, much of his work reflects the ocean, landscapes, and a beachside lifestyle, although his work runs the gamut and is not limited to a specific genre including influential athletes and musicians, historical events and satire statement pieces. Each piece creates a story with the goal to bring the viewer into the subject matter to experience it firsthand. Digital Artist:


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