Eddie Stephens’ Squib Website Turns 10 Years Old – Viewed over 150,000 times!

10 years of Statistics:

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Happy 10th Birthday to Stephens’ Squibs Website!

While I have been squibbing for 16 years,  I have been posting my case law summaries on EVERY FLORIDA FAMILY LAW APPELLATE DECISION on-line since June 2010!

In that time, this blog has been viewed over 150,000 times and is more popular than ever!  That averages to more than 1,000 views a month which is somewhat mind boggling.  To think this all started with me physically mailing my summaries to about 20 attorneys I liked.   I never imagined it would evolve in this manner.

Thanks to the 1,200 of you who have subscribed to my musings!

While doing this really is just my way of mastering the material, I am pleased to have found a way to share this work in a way that help others.

I am also proud I have never monetized this website or my squib book.   Sure, I promote charitable causes, but I have never taken a penny for this work.   It has always been about improving myself and providing service to others.

If you think this is an impressive feat…

just wait until you see our next project where we will be producing an accredited family law CLE every month beginning August 15th!  We will be elevating the art of creating CLE’s to a whole new level and are a little giddy about it.   More info on that in the upcoming days.

In the meantime, please accept my humble gratitude for your involvement and appreciation of this website!

Stay safe!


One thought on “Eddie Stephens’ Squib Website Turns 10 Years Old – Viewed over 150,000 times!

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  1. I just registered for the monthly seminars!! My goal is to become board certified in the next few years. Thanks for your work! You are appreciated!!

    Michele A. Lebron, Esq.

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