Eddie Stephens’ Monthly Family Law CLE has launched!



Stephens Squibs Monthly Family Law CLE

Season 01 – Episode 01

Premieres August 15, 2020

Anticipated CLE 2.5 Hours – Accreditation Pending

With Eddie Stephens*, Caryn A. Stevens, Gina Szapucki and Ralph T. White*

and Squib Board Cert Tip of the Month

with Board Cert Legends:

Terry Fogel* and Scott Rubin*

“*” denotes Board Certified Attorney

For the past 10 years, Ralph (R.T.) White and I created the content and produced an annual Case Law Update for the Family Law Section.  For many of those years this CLE was either the top or second most attended webinar of the year.

This year RT and I changed CLE providers.  This CLE is now hosted by the Center for Childhood Counseling, Inc.   Revenues generated by this CLE will now be used to benefit the most vulnerable families and children in Palm Beach County in accordance with the mission of CfCC.

This CLE will be MUCH different.

First, in addition to our 2.5 hour August 15th premiere, we will be producing monthly episodes.  All episodes will be video.  No more being leashed to audio and a powerpoint.

We will have all kinds of guests including the attorneys who litigated the appeals we are discussing.

Every episode we will provide a Board Cert Tip.   This year, only 4 attorneys were certified in marital & family law.  We want to increase that number substantially.  Our first show will feature Terry Fogel and Scott Rubin.  Not only have they both served as Chair’s of the Board Certification committee, they also both served as Chair’s of BLSE.  We also have commitments from 3 of the 4 attorneys who passed this year to give tips in future months.

To Register:


It is our goal to take CLE production to a whole new level.

And for $500 a year, you will get 13 hours of CLE  guaranteed.   Will there be more than 13 hours?  Probably, because we are going to over delivery.  But for this purpose, we will guarantee a minimum of 13.  If you factor in the cost of the physical book Stephens Squibs 2021 Edition, that is under $35 an hour.

To ensure I had the capability to produce 12 CLE’s in 12 months, I produced 10 podcasts in 10 weeks.  This had nothing to do with the law, but was a whole lot of fun and allowed me to produce 10 shows (similar to a CLE) and the technology and approach improved with each episode.  To view the early episodes (No CLE credit provided) go to ww.EddiePodcast.com

We have discounts for Legal Aid & Government attorneys and Judges.  Email me for more info!

It is my goal to raise $100,000 in revenue this year for the Center for Child Counseling.   To do that, we need 250 registrants!

I am overwhelmed that we have so many registrants already!  For everyone who registered solely based on my representation that this will be “awesome”!   THANK YOU!  We are just about 1/3 of the way to our goal!  And trust me… THIS WILL BE AWESOME!

We have published monthly squibs on this website for 10 years and sending out paper for 6 years before that.   We will continue to publish our monthly summaries for free on this website whether you register for the CLE series or not.   We are just very proud of what we are creating and who is benefiting from our efforts.

If you like Stephens Squibs’, please consider signing up!

Since we are not allowed to advertise, maybe you can forward this email to one or two people who might appreciate it.



To Register:



Note:  Neither Eddie Stephens, Ralph “R.T.” White or any of the participants on Stephens’ Squibs Monthly Family Law CLE receive any compensation whatsoever for this project.

Center for Child Counseling is proud to announce a partnership with Eddie Stephens to produce a monthly accredited CLE series, “Stephens’ Squibs: Monthly Family Law CLE” for Family Law Attorneys.

Two Options:

Individual Module for $150 for 2.5 Hours of CLE available 8/15


Yearly Subscription – 13 Hours of CLE for $500!

Eddie Stephens, an equity partner at Ward Damon, Board Certified in Marital and Family Law, has summarized every Florida Family Law Appellate Case published since 2004. He has tried hundreds of family cases and has unique insight into the practice and application of Family Law.

Eddie is the former Chair of the Marital & Family Law Board Certification, former Chair of the Family Law CLE and Publications committee and along with Ralph ‘RT’ White, has presented the Case Law Update for the Family Law Section of for ten years. Eddie and RT created the most successful series of CLE webinars produced by the Family Law Section to date.

This year Eddie is bringing this CLE experience to a monthly series!

After the initial 2.5 hour update, Eddie and Caryn will host 11 MONTHLY minimum 1-hour CLEs with rotating guests. CLEs can be “purchased” individually ($75 per hour) or you can save significant dollars and subscribe to all 13 hours!


  • 13-Hour/12 Month Subscription + 2021 Stephens’ Squibs Physical Book: $500
  • or Individual 2.5 Hour Module for $150

Discounts: We have discounts for Legal Aid Attorneys, Government Attorneys, and Judges. Please email us to inquire.

Get more information

Register Now!

Please Note: Eddie Stephens nor any of the speakers involved with the presentation receive any compensation whatsoever. They are doing this simply to as a service to advance the profession. All revenues generated benefit the Center for Child Counseling, Inc. a 501©(3). 

For more information on Center for Child Counseling’s mission to support vulnerable children and families, click here.

*Non-discounted Registration includes a copy of Stephens’ Squibs: 2021, a physical book with every squib Eddie has ever written.  Note: The 2021 edition will be available in January, 2021.



Stephens Squibs Monthly Family Law CLE

Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 5.23.07 AM copyALL CLE’s are immediately available upon release on demand on DO NOT have to be viewed at time of release.


August 15, 2020:   Stephens Squibs’ Monthly Family Law CLE (2.5 Hour premiere)

September 15, 2020:   Stephens Squibs’ Monthly Family Law CLE: S01-E02

October 15, 2020:   Stephens Squibs’ Monthly Family Law CLE: S01-E03

November 1, 2020:     2nd Annual Family Law Mental Health Summit ADDITIONAL REGISTRATION REQUIRED.  NOT INCLUDED IN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION.

November 15, 2020:   Stephens Squibs’ Monthly Family Law CLE: S01-E04

December 15, 2020:   Stephens Squibs’ Monthly Family Law CLE: S01-E05

December 25, 2020:   Stephens Squibs’ Board Cert Tip Panel

January 15, 2021:   Stephens Squibs’ Monthly Family Law CLE: S01-E06

February 15, 2021:   Stephens Squibs’ Monthly Family Law CLE: S01-E07

March 15, 2021:   Stephens Squibs’ Monthly Family Law CLE: S01-E08

April 15, 2021:   Stephens Squibs’ Monthly Family Law CLE: S01-E09

May 15, 2021:   Stephens Squibs’ Monthly Family Law CLE: S01-E10

June 15, 2021:   Stephens Squibs’ Monthly Family Law CLE: S01-E11

July 15, 2021:   Stephens Squibs’ Monthly Family Law CLE: S01-E12

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