12 Monthly CLE’s for only $300

Registration for SEASON TWO of Stephens’ Squibs Monthly Family Law CLE is filling up! Every month, you will have access to watch a new CLE on-demand (at your convenience) and we are guaranteeing a min of 15 Marital & Family Board Cert CLE Hours. People who registered for Season 1 received 18 hours of CLE! All money raised benefited the Center for Child Counseling!

Season 2 premieres September 15th, and will continue on the 15th of each month thereafter for a total of 12 more episode. You get all of this for $300!!!!!!

Click HERE to REGISTER for Season 2

Eddie Stephens, Gina Szapucki and Caryn A. Stevens

Registration for Season 2 – Beginning September 15, 2021 Now Open!

12 CLES for $300. All Proceeds benefit the Center for Child Counseling

Click HERE to REGISTER for Season 2

We are also seeking a sponsor to pay our accreditation fees for the year! If you would like us to promote you each and every episode, contact me!

Thank you Caryn A. Stevens and Gina Szapucki for working with me on every episode of Season 1. Not only do these two help with the CLE, they also help curate the materials.

We also had 25 other professionals who participated as a guest in Season 1, or contributed to our 2nd Family Law Mental Health Summit. We would lie to thank them all:

Kelly Albanese

Dan Caine

Joe Considine

Laura Davis Smith

Dr. John Dyben

Terry Fogel

Dori Foster-Morales

Melinda Gamot

Christie L. Guerrero

Benjamin Hodas

Doreen Inkeles

Ron Kauffman

Magistrate Diane Kirigin

Deborah Kuzmim, LCSW

Andrew Leinoff

Andrew Lieberman

Ana Cristina Maldonado

David Manz

Molly Paris

Scott Rubin

Jaclyn Saroka

Ana Taitt

Peter Trombadore

Joel Weissman

Ralph “R.T.” White

What People Are Saying About Season One:

“Eddie Stephens has yet again outdone himself with this CLE course. It is both entertaining and educational, further raising the bar for all family law CLEs. The amount of case summaries and practice tips are pure gold for anyone practicing family law from associates to senior partners. I cannot recommend this course enough for any practitioner.”

“Eddie Stephens has taken the delivery of his knowledge of family law to a whole new level.”

“How impressive it is to actually hear from the attorneys responsible for making new law firsthand.”

“The production was very impressive. A new bar has been set challenging the family law community to up its game.”

Click HERE to REGISTER for Season 2

Please Note: Eddie Stephens nor any of the speakers involved with the presentation receive any compensation whatsoever. They are doing this simply to as a service to advance the profession.  All revenues generated benefit the Center for Child Counseling, Inc. a 501©(3). 

For more information on Center for Child Counseling’s mission to support vulnerable children and families, click here.

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