S&S Practice Tip: Recent changes to Rule 12.490 and 12.491

Attorney Caryn A. Stevens breaks down the recent changes to Rule 12.490 and 12.491.

In Re: Amendments to Fla. Fam. Law of Procedure 12.490 and 12.491 and Forms 12.920(a – e), 47 Fla.L.Weekly S94 (Fla. 2022). Amends rules and forms in accordance with recent rule changes. Now referred to as a Motion to Vacate instead of exceptions to a report.


Caryn A. Stevens is an equity partner at Stephens & Stevens, PLLC, and focuses her practice exclusively in the areas of marital & family law. Prior to becoming a divorce attorney, she spent 12 years working in the mental health & counseling fields. Caryn has assisted thousands of children, families and couples through difficult circumstances and life changes, providing a wealth of experience that allows her to bring a unique and compassionate perspective to her clients. Caryn is a native South Floridian, and currently lives in Palm Beach County with her husband. She comes from an extensive family of attorneys, including her father, brother, several uncles and cousins. Caryn is a proud alumni of Florida State, and in her spare time she loves watching FSU football, traveling the world, and going to the theater.

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