Example of Invalidating Prenuptial Agreement

Happy New Year!

Caryn and I recently invalidated a prenuptial agreement. While this litigation seemed common 20 years ago, these issues do not present as often as they used to.

If interested…. for you reading pleasure…. here is the order issued yesterday invalidating a prenuptial agreement based upon the “indirect method”.


5 thoughts on “Example of Invalidating Prenuptial Agreement

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  1. Nobody even mentioned the statute?  Section 61.079 dates from 2007, long after Casto.

    I know the statute’s requirements parallel the prior common law/precedential requirements, but it seems to me that the statute is and has been the controlling law since passage of the uniform act.

    Brian Kruger Gainesvil

      1. Thanks. It’s been so long since I’ve had a case with a 20 year marriage that I tend to forget that’s still a thing, sorry. Sad.

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