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My publisher just sent me 20 “advance” copies of my book, “Stephens Squibs”.

While the book is about divorce law (i.e. boring), it does include many of my inspirational essays.

I also included the “Advice for Over Achievers” article  which so many of you contributed to.  So if you are in the article, you are in this book!  🙂

I figured I might have a chance to raise a few dollars for the foundation by offering to send you a copy (signed if you want) if you make a donation of at least $50 in honor of “Stephens’ Squibs” (so it shows up in the Deltasig) between the dates of December 13, 2016 through January 15, 2017 (or while supplies last).

Make the donation directly to the Leadership Foundation so you get the tax deduction.  Forward me the email you receive.  I will pay the postage AND give you one of my advance copies.

Let me know if you want it autographed / personalized.

Email receipt and details to me.

Note:  There is a big typo in the book that is being corrected for final release, It’s kind of funny because that makes these extra collectible!

More info on book:

2017 Squib Book

eb_crzyed_3dOnce a year I collect all of my “squibs” (brief case law summaries focusing on Florida family law) and make the material available in a book format. I am honored and proud to present the 2017 Edition of Stephens’ Squibs Florida Family Case Law Updates.  Something that started as a personal learning tool unexpectedly morphed into a respected and requested resource by colleagues which is why I always offer the material for free on this website.

For reasons stated in this year’s Forword, any money raised off of this project (through purchase of physical book or e-book) will be donated to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Leadership Foundation of Delta Sigma Pi.

In addition to squibbing, 2016 was an extremely prolific year in writing for me and I had included some of my favorite published essays.

How to get your copy of Stephens’ Squibs Florida Family Case Law Updates

1)  COMING SOON: Download this year’s squibs annual in a .PDF for FREE!

2) Donate at least $50 directly to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Leadership Foundation of Delta Sigma Pi before January 31, 2017, send me proof of the donation and we will send you an AUTOGRAPHED version BEFORE IT IS RELEASED directly to you.  Let us know any personalization you would like.

3)   Preorder the book for 30% off.  If you order it from the directly from the publisher, our charities get more of a cut even with the discount!

4)  Get the KINDLE version for $9.99.  $3.50 for every purchase gets donated to charity.  The rest goes to Amazon!

5) COMING SOON:  Amazon, Barnes & Noble and All Major Retailers

6) Purchase Stephens’ Squibs 2017 Edition for the Kindle

7) Purchase LAST YEAR’s edition, Purchase Stephens’ Squibs 2016 Edition in a physical book and have it sent to you.

8) Forget about the book, and make a donation directly to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Leadership Foundation of Delta Sigma Pi..

Many thanks to Rev. Shannon Marie L. Berry, M.Div for writing this year’s foreword.

Let me remind you that all of the information contained in the book can be found on this website.  Some people prefer the book AND you get a chance support a great cause!

Thanks for your support and Happy New Year!



“Eddie’s squibs are a great resource, and every marital and family lawyer in Florida should keep a copy front and center on her desk.” –Laura Davis Smith, Esquire Chairwoman, Family Law Section of the Florida Bar

“I remember receiving Stephens’ Squibs over 10 years ago.  Now, it is most definitely not the small firecracker it once was.…  Simply the best …I refer to it all the time.” –Robert M.W. Shalhoub, Esquire

“Eddie Stephens’ Squibs are a quick, easy to read summary of appellate case law that family law practitioners should be sure to include in their resource tool kit.   It is a major “go to” resource that I rely upon when I am looking to check on the latest developments in the law and to point me in the direction of the appropriate full appellate opinions.”  –Honorable Diane M. Kirigin, General Magistrate, 15th Judicial Circuit

Eddie’s book – and all his squibs – are amazing – as an appellate attorney I always have to remind myself to keep the case to its holding and Eddie always keeps me “honest” – and his case summaries bring to mind my favorite Albert Einstein quote: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”   That was one smart dude and so is Eddie – buy his book – I know I will (again)!” –Allison Perry, Esquire

Eddie Stephens provides an invaluable resource for those wanting to keep abreast of the ever-evolving area of Florida Family Law. As both a lawyer and academic, I also highly recommend this book to professors teaching Family Law in Florida. The textbooks can give the basics, but since family law is a creature of state law, giving students a real glimpse (not to mention a good preparation for the bar) into how our ever-changing statutes are being interpreted, is a gift. -K Grossman

Mr. Stephens provides a brilliant conglomeration of case law updates, interviews with judges and personal advice in Stephens Squibs. The case law review helps the attorney that practices in other areas to understand more easily the law surrounding family issues in Florida. For most attorneys, no matter their practice area, family comes up at some point in the representation and it is nice to have a guide that is so easily accessible to reference just so that we, as attorneys in other fields, can quickly answer some questions and have the knowledge to refer in other areas. -Dena Sisk Foman

Excellent resource for the non-attorney litigation support specialist. A quick reference for financial, accountants, CPAs and mental health professionals that assist divorce attorneys with litigation and settlement services. Highly recommended. -FLDivorcePlanner

Attorney Stephens has provided to the literary marketplace and fine example of a squib…”a short humorous or satiric writing or speech.” This purchase is not only entertaining; it is informative to the reader. I would most definitely consider this purchase. I know that I am glad that I did. Thank you Counselor! -J. Barrett Carter
I found Stephens’ Squibs to be a short, thorough and concise analysis of Family Law caselaw in Florida. Excellent resource for attorneys and non-attorneys alike! -Luis E. Insignares

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