My experience with PsA

I have not mentioned a heath issue I have been dealing with in public.

Now that it has been diagnosed and I have done all the testing and started medication, I decided to post about it in hopes this might help someone else.

The health issue is PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS. Prior to being told this diagnosis, I did not even understand what it was and I certainly didn’t appreciate what people who have it go through.

About 6 months ago my elbow blew up. It became extremely swollen and was emitting heat. Because I participate in Jiu Jitsu, a very active support where trauma on joints is common, I thought a ligament or tendon snapped.

It was so painful I went to ER. ER had no clue what it was. “Maybe an infected bursar sac?”; they pondered. They prescribed antibiotics and prednisone (ie the kitchen sink).

I followed up with an orthopedic specialist, but because I was prescribed both the antibiotics and steroids they could not diagnose.

Medicine fixed flair up and everything fine for 3 months.

Then BOOM, elbow blew up again. The swelling, the heat and it was painful. The pain prevented normal activity.

Instead of returning to the ER, I made an orthopedic appointment. The Ortho concluded it was either some type of infection or psoriatic arthritis. He gave me 2 options, treat everything or just go with prednisone.

If it got worst, we knew it would be an infection and I would have to run back to get antibiotics, but if it got better quickly… then it was safe to say it’s psoriatic arthritis.

Good/Bad News: It got better quickly. So we knew what it was, but what to do? Ortho couldn’t help me there… off to dermatologist.

After being poked, prodded and even a UV test, derm concluded Taltz® would be the perfect medicine.

I have always had psoriasis, a non contagious skin condition that causes inflammation such as raised plaques and scales on the skin.

Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is an inflammatory, autoimmune condition that can affect both the joints and skin. The specific cause of psoriatic arthritis is not fully known.

Your immune system has inflammatory responses that contributes to pain and swelling in the joints and tendons. Without proper treatment, PsA may worsen, which is also known as psoriatic arthritis flares. And if left untreated, psoriatic arthritis causes permanent joint damage.

Not having any clue what I had or was getting into I visited my regular doc, and my new rheumatologist for 2nd opinions and thoughts on Taltz®. Everyone agreed it was a great drug for my condition and should fix all issues (including skin) in 6 – 10 weeks.

People also said this might not be covered by insurance. This freaked me out because it’s an expensive drug. No one seemed to care and kept putting me through all kinds of medical tests. I can tell you with certainty I don’t have tuberculosis.

So after all the tests, they tell me the insurance declined paying for it. But no worries, the shots will only cost $25/month with a special program with the pharma directly. Thank goodness. I see now why no one was really concerned. Wait…… shots?!?

Yes Taltz® is administered as a shot in your stomach. You do it yourself with an auto injecting plunger:

2 shots in my stomach, then one every 2 week for 6 months, then once a month for life.

I thought that would be painful.

It wasn’t! 🙂

So I have the first 2 shots in me. I am hopeful this will work as well people say it will!

Fingers crossed.

So accept for a bunch of medical appointments and tests, I feel like this won’t be so bad and it’s now under control.

And I appreciate Jacquie being by my side and constantly supportive made facing the unknown a lot easier and less scarier. I’m a lucky guy! This was my experience… hope it helps!

I’ll add to this page in 6 – 10 weeks and let you know how it is working!



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