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We are looking for 2 more sponsors who will be included on all promotional materials (including on 100+ VIP laminates). Limited to 10 sponsors. Deadline to contribute: October 29, 2017.  To become sponsor make $250 tax deductible donation to Kelsey Cares here and send me receipt.  Comes with 5 vip passes with laminates (which will have you family or company name on) and other goodies.




Eddie Stephens to give motivational speech at Kelsey Theater on March 23, 2018


March 23, 2017 – 8:00pm – The Kelsey Theater – Lake Park, FL

6:30pm VIP Reception

This presentation is made possible by the following supporters of the arts:

Laura, Mark, Connor & Brady Smith

Family Law Software

Law Office of R.T. White

Julie B Hershman CPA PA

Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith

Monte Resnick, Matrix Wealth Partners

Matt Benzion, P.A.

Matthew Lundy Law

Ward Damon, PL

This event is dedicated to the memory of Chris Chopin.

Living an Extraordinary Life: Lessons from our Heroes

with Eddie Stephens

Eddie Stephens is a storyteller, astute observer, and solver of problems. During the day, Eddie is an Equity Partner at the West Palm Beach law firm Ward Damon, PL where he manages the family law department and litigates high conflict divorces. Eddie also contributes to the community by serving on the Board of Directors of Center for Child Counseling and is the Program Chair for Leadership Palm Beach County’s Grow Program in addition to being a Father to a 10th and 12th grader and husband to his lovely wife Jacquie.

During this presentation, Eddie will describe how certain events in his life and his reaction to those events, led him to find significant success in business, personal relations, and philanthropic service.  These experiences have had a deep impact on Eddie and led him to a profound understanding of humanity and our life’s journeys prompting him to do “something that matters”.  Inspired by the teachings of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, Eddie will explore concepts such as “Sacred Geometry” and “The Hero’s Journey”.  He will demonstrate how these principles can be employed to expand our individual comfort zone in order to help you break out of the ordinary and achieve extraordinary results.

100% of all monies raised by this event are being donated to Kelsey Cares and Kelsey Theater.

VIP Tickets $50 = cool laminate, access to VIP reception

General Admission: Minimum donation $5



Feedback from past attendees:

“Eddie Stephens delivers and then some! He’s engaging, entertaining and right on the mark when it comes to tailoring his presentation to the audience. His message works on a number of levels. Both his message and his presentation are truly first rate. It’s a talented speaker who can involve his audience right from the get go, and hold their interest throughout. When an audience is still talking about the presentation the next day, you know you have a hit. Eddie is truly gifted.”

“Eddie demonstrated how we all have the power to make great changes to ourselves and to those around us.”

“Yes, the light bulb went off, and I will now be more aware of the “next step” in both my personal and business life.”

“Mr. Stephens provided a personal and dynamic presentation that is easily relatable to all people.”

“Inspiring to all ages!”

But why the Kelsey Theater?

Blame it on forty-five 11th graders!

I have the pleasure of being Chair of Leadership Palm Beach County’s Grow program, which is a leadership program for the best 11th graders in Palm Beach County.

AJ Brockman captivates the Leadership GROW class at the Bewhouse Gallery

On media day we stopped by The Brewhouse Gallery and the Kelsey Theater and met AJ Brockman.  AJ Brockman is a digital artist who suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. He creates beautiful art with computers, his two fingers and his endless creativity.

Needless to say, he inspired the entire GROW class, teaching them that anything is possible.

AJ also has an interesting business plan.  He rents wall space to artists.  Instead of taking 50% commission when a piece sells, the artist receives 100% as they have already paid “rent”.  This is a great model for artists and AJ is doing great things to build a community for artists and art enthusiasts.

For those artists who can’t afford to rent space, AJ created Kelsey Cares, a 501(c)(3) that subsidizes artists who want wall space or to perform at the Kelsey Theater.

In furthering AJ’s mission, I agreed to give my motivational presentation “Living an Extraordinary Life: Lessons from our Heroes” and donate all proceeds to the theater and his charity.  This is mix inspirational / informative speech about sacred geometry, mythology and YES… STAR WARS!

More info on Brewhouse Galley.

More info on AJ Brockman.

More info on Kelsey Cares.

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