Eddie’s Podcast – Season 1

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From May – July 2020, I decided to produce 10 Podcasts in 10 weeks.

Many people asked me…. why?   I did not have a good answer at first.

I did know I wanted to become familiar with videoconferencing and webinar production.  When I started college my major was Motion Picture Production, so all of this appeals to my geeky side.

It was also a way to memorialize conversations with people from my life that have influenced me or discuss causes I support.  It also gave him the opportunity to create, produce and broadcast original content and re-learn video production.

Our next project will be producing monthly hour long Family Law Case Law Updates which will be accredited CLE’s for family law attorneys on behalf of the Center for Child Counseling, Inc.  Click here for more information on the CLE series which launches August 15, 2020.

Our August 15th CLE will include co-hosts R.T. (Ralph) White and Caryn A. Stevens!  It will also include special guests!!!!!   And not to give too much away, but we will be also be giving monthly “Board Cert Squib Tips” for those interested in becoming Board Certified in Marital & Family Law.

Our first Board Cert Squib Tip will be hosted by Family Law Legends TERRY FOGEL and SCOTT RUBIN.

I would like to thank ALL my guests for their time and willingness to play.  It was very cool to connect to people, some I have not spoken with since I was a child.  But I also proved to myself that I have the ability to fully commit to the next project.  If I can create 10 hours of podcasts in 10 weeks…. just think of what I will be able to do with these CLE’s.  I am very excited to take CLE content, production, delivery and price to a whole new level and I hope I encourage other CLE providers to step up their game!  🙂

I thank my better half Jacquie Stephens for putting up with this and often serving as my co-host and Star Wars expert/consultant.

Always grateful for my paralegal, Emily Golisch, who assisted with scheduling all of these guests and at the same time made sure I was everywhere I needed to be during this ten week period.

Feel free to peruse the video versions of Eddie’sPodcast below, or on Apple Music, Spotify, Buzzsprout, or whatever Podcast platform you use.


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