New Alimony Bill Filed in Florida Senate

Here we go again!

Something to keep an eye on!

2022 SB 1796

3 thoughts on “New Alimony Bill Filed in Florida Senate

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  1. Thank you so much for the update. Surely will be debated next week in
    Orlando at our seminar.

    L. J. Arnold III, Esquire

  2. Although some alimony reform would be helpful to avoid inequities, such as alimony that lasts longer than the marriage. But after reading this bill, this is unworkable – so many assumptions and subjective interpretations would have to be made. And a lawyer can be served with Notice of Intent to Retire 10-20-30 years after they completed representation? Way too much burden on a lawyer who hasn’t seen or heard from a client in decades. Just another indicator that our legislators don’t understand what happens during a divorce proceeding. And people cannot afford divorces now; the Legislature just keeps make it more and more difficult, with convoluted requirements like this proposed bill, the cost will keep going up. Sorry, don’t like this one at all

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