Danny Carey Stephens: The Origin Story

Earlier this week I received a text from a veterinarian friend with a picture of a cute little daschund, with the message ”this dog needs you”.

I believe in signs. Usually signs are a little more discreet and not so direct, but the universe works in wonderful mysterious ways. Who am I to fight that flow?

I called the vet and got the story. Apparently a puppy store abandoned 8 young pups because they had medical issues and the puppies were no longer economically feasible.

This left the vet in a pretty bad position. Danny spent 6 weeks at the vet. He had a respiratory infection that was cured but had no home to go to.

She asked if I wanted this beautiful pure bred k9. However, all the issues (known and unknown) were worrisome.

This was a high pressure moment. I knew once I mentioned this to Jacquie this decision would take a life of its own, and I would lose any control.

I learned early in life not to buy dogs from pet stores. After my mom died, I bought a pug, Gizmo, from a pet store. Gizmo had been in the pet store window way too long and never socialized and had been in a cage much longer than he should have. He had all kinds of behavior and health issues. I learned a life lesson.

I figured this dog could have similar issues. But now I was in a much different place in my life then when I was 15. For one thing, I have the resources to pay for care if needed.

Then I looked at the picture of the pup, and made the decision to take care of this dog, no matter what it took.

That’s when I texted Jacquie the picture of Danny, and as predicted I lost all control of what happened next. But remember, my decision had already been made.

The next 4 days was kind of a blur. Jacquie calling the vet, researching everything that could possibly be wrong, consulting with her daughter (who is also a vet), who cautioned us of the possible expenses and heartache.

Being informed with much more information then I had, Jacquie came to the same decision, we were going to take responsibility for this beautiful soul.

We picked up the puppy last night. It looked terrified. It would not make eye contact, and was pretty much a lump in a towel. A cute lump, but still a lump.

At this point I am thinking this dog is going to require lots of care and will probably have to be segregated from the others. As I was driving home I was contemplating the logistics.

When we got home, something magical happened. When Danny met his new family, he snapped out of his “daze” and started acting like a normal puppy.

We let him play with our other daschunds Abigail Rose, Maynard James Keenan and Justin Chancellor. And he played! ALOT!

Then the puppy kisses started! And they were so sweet! This puppy was social, playful…. and now happy. 🐾❤️

It was time to introduce him to the big dogs. Stanley was no problem. Jezebel was a little jealous and resentful. Danny is not scared of Jezebel. Danny is not scared of anything.

I woke up this morning to Danny kisses and my heart was full!

I don’t take this to mean this dog is perfect and healthy. Time will reveal that to us. But I will tell you what…. I am sure glad I texted Jacquie! We could not be off to a better start!

Please do not buy dogs from pet stores. For the most part, they are soulless profiteers who don’t mind discarding damaged inventory.

And welcome Danny to his new family! We are excited for this adventure!

7 thoughts on “Danny Carey Stephens: The Origin Story

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  1. What a wonderful heartwarming story! And so well-written! Thank you for sharing this and having such a big heart, I read it with tears in my eyes… 😊


    Agnieszka Piasecka, Esq.

  2. Beautiful story! As a longtime dog rescue advocate (two dogs from the street and two from Miami Dade Animal Services), all of whom turned out to be wonderful, loyal, and playful, I commend you for rescuing Danny and giving him a forever-family! Thank you for sharing and hopefully this will encourage others to step up and give the same second chances we hope for in life.

  3. Good onya! Both our li’l dogs (presumed to be a PomChi, and a Yorkie mix) are rescues. As have been all 3 of my daughter’s cats.

  4. As you already know, Danny will bring so much love to your lives. He is one lucky boy! Congratulations! Lane


    Lane K. Matthews Attorney/Mediator

    P.O. Box 3041 Jupiter, Fl 33469


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