2007 GCC Congress Orlando Non-Official Pin



We found a stash of 20 very special pins.  This is one of our “Alternate” GCC 2007 (Centennial) Pins from Orlando originally produced by the West Palm Beach Alumni Chapter.

Since we only have 20 of these, we figured we might raise some money for the Leadership Foundation.

100% proceeds donated to Leadership Foundation.

Our sales/fundraising opportunities are not directly sponsored by Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation. Individuals participating in the sales / fundraiser will not receive donor credit from Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation, rather the individual submitter of the proceeds will receive donor credit and a tax receipt.

To pay: Send $25 to PayPal or Venmo.

You can email me you address if you want.

Or if you like, you can donate directly to Leadership Foundation (Designated John and June Cookson Leadership Fund) and email me the receipt.  This way you will receive donor credit / tax deduction.



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