Charity Golf Tournament – Best Practices

SuggesGeneral Suggestions:

A very easy hold to make money on a par 5 hole, is get dice and have them pay $20 to roll. If they roll any pairs, they move to the 100 yard marker to play. Any combination above a total of 6, place ball at 150 marker and any number under 6 places their ball at the 200 marker. I can tell you from experience, I pay for that whole every single tournament. -Cory Strolla

Dojiggy Software was suggested by Trey Fogg

I don’t golf either but a few years ago I was invited to attend the “after golf” auction, raffle, and lunch.  It was a nice way for a non-golfer to contribute and participate. -Lynn Britt

Some alcohol themed challenges.

Advice from Erskine Rogers, Esquire:

  • The main problem that we had with the golf tournament was finding enough people who wanted to play. That problem can be solved in a couple of ways.
  • You can secure a very exclusive course upon which the players cannot otherwise have access to.
  • You can try to get a bunch of stuff donated to entice players
  • You can get celebrities to  play with a foursome.
  • You definitely want a scramble format (longest ball plays)
  • But the best is to make sure your volunteers and organizers are already being golfers, so that they can  pressure their friends to play in their tournament.

Materials provided by David Cummings:

Golf Scramble Rules:
1. Format is a four-person scramble. All four team members tee off on each hole and then decide which tee shot they like best and mark the spot. The best shot of the players is then selected and used. All four players can then play from the spot of the selected second shot and continue this format until the ball is in the hole.
2. From selected shots, each player can place the ball within one club length, no closer to the hole (moving laterally). If the selected ball is in the rough, each player must play from the rough.
3. Men are to tee off from the White tees. Women may tee off from the Teal tees. Seniors (60 and over) may tee off from the senior tees if they choose to.
4. If a team has only three players, one player will play two shots, to take the place of the missing player. The player hitting two shots must rotate every hole.
5. Mark the selected ball on the putting green. Each player is to attempt the putt from the same spot. The first ball to go in is counted for the team score. If no player makes the putt, mark the best remaining putt and all team members are to putt from there.
6. If the ball that the team selects is in a hazard (bunker or water), or in the rough, or out of bounds, you cannot drop the ball outside the hazard or rough, even if relief is within one club length away. If the ball selected is in a sand bunker, everyone must hit from the sand bunker within one club length. You can rake the bunker after each shot. If the ball selected was in the water, drop out under Local Rules procedures and add a penalty stroke for each player hitting from the drop. A ball hit out of bounds is usually not selected, but if it is, the players all must re-hit from where the ball was hit before it went out of bounds, and each player must add a “stroke and distance penalty” (2 strokes).
7. Double bogey is the maximum team score on any hole. Teams that reach a score of double bogey on a hole are to pick-up and move on to the next tee.
8. Rule number eight is please have a good time.
Suggestions from Toni Peck:

So, many tournaments have add on extras for the players during the game, like, give us $10 and the team with the fastest time on this hole wins $50 gift cards.  Trouble is, many many of the golfers are taking the game really seriously, vying for the coveted best foursome score, so I’ve not seen a tremendous amount of participation because those games may cause extra strokes and raise the score, plus you’ve already tapped the team for entry fees, silent auction bids, etc.  That is UNTIL a “Cutthroat Kitchen” style was deployed, where you offer a team to pay X amount (or bid teams against each other) to sabotage other teams, like require the use of plastic kids clubs for putting, reversing the format from dropping at the best ball played to dropping at the worst ball played, switch hit the drive (you drive leftie if you’re right handed, rightie if left) and so on.  You can also open it up to allowing NON-PLAYERS to bid on sabotages, which in turn increases the revenue opportunity because now it’s open to the entire community, not just those playing.

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