Bill Tatum Leadership Fund

I do not know a Delta Sigma Pi Brother who has done more to promote the fraternity and spend countless hours teaching recruiting then our Past Grand President, Bill Tatum!

A number of brothers are honoring Brother Tatum by setting up a Leadership Foundation Endowment. It is my understanding that this endowment will fund the cost to send Brothers from the chapter with the most outstanding recruiting programs to Congress. These outstanding recruiters will then help teach all Deltasigs how to rock recruiting.

I cannot think of a better way to honor Brother Tatum, can you?

To do this right, we are trying to raise $50,000. It is my understanding we are just under $30,000. To help, I just made a donation myself!

Would you please join me in honoring Bill Tatum and supporting Delta Sigma Pi’s Leadership Foundation!

Click HERE to Donate!

Be sure to properly designate your gift by choosing “National Focused Endowments” for Designation and “Bill Tatum Leadership Fund” for Investing in. See below!

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