Support US Troops and Boy Scouts

My 15 year old, Christopher, who has be involved in Boy Scouts for 10 years is raising money for Boy Scout Troop 155 and helping to send care packages to our US Troops.


Christopher is about to attain the Rank of Star, has served Troop 155 as scribe, was a captain on the Troop’s competitive cooking team and has recently re-committed himself to earn the rank of Eagle.  Christopher has also supported the movement within Scouts to eliminate the ban on homosexual leaders and scouts.  This was a great experience for him because he saw he could actually be party of a meaningful change of policy where his voice as heard.

Operation Weaver _ MSM Popcorn

Or you can buy some tasty popcorn for yourself or someone you love.  Heck, you can even buy some and send it to me!!!!   This stuff is good and it goes to a good cause.

From my 15 year old:

Every year I sell popcorn for the Boy Scouts and do my part to help raise $ for our troop.  By doing this I can help contribute to my week long out of state camping trip next summer.  The money earned from this fundraiser helps pay for field trips, camping and adventure outings. It also helps buy necessary items for Troop 155!  You can either buy popcorn/treats for yourself, or you can choose to send a care pack to a a man or women serving in our military. Here is the link.

Thank you for your consideration.  If you have any questions about this fundraiser, please let me know.

Christopher S.

Christopher as Bear (circa 2007)
Christopher as Bear (circa 2007)

Support our Troops!

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