SB 1922 (Alimony Reform) Clears Senate Judiciary Committee

The Senate bill (SB 1922) now heads to the Appropriation Committee.

House companion legislation (HB 1559) is in its first of three committee stops.

One thought on “SB 1922 (Alimony Reform) Clears Senate Judiciary Committee

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  1. Eddie, This bill is disastrous for “traditional” long-term marriages in which one party sacrificed an education or career so the other party could become educated and provide support to the family. For example, nurses who give up careers so spouses can become ARNPs or doctors and the nurse never acquired SS benefits by working—their maximum entitlement would be 50% of spouse’s SS benefits on reaching full retirement age. Another example are lawyers who are married to their secretary or paralegal. Unless the incomes are equal and the marriage short-term, the recipient is really losing under this bill. I suspect it will dramatically increase claims for unequal but equitable distribution. It’s a joke about the prohibition on permanent alimony—who would ever agree?

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